EP1 (2002)

by Fishcake

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Limited run of 50 copies produced and given away for free.
You can still download it here for free though.


released June 2, 2002

All tracks written by Fishcake.
Recorded and mixed @ Seamus Wong Studio, Leicester by Paul Wong, April 2002.



all rights reserved


Fishcake UK

Jaimie Marlow: Guitar
Neil Taylor: Bass
Paul Wright: Vocals
Richard Buckby: Drums
Richard Springthorpe: Guitar / Vocals

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Track Name: Buckby's Bedroom
Break down
Put it about
I don't know
What's it for

What's my name
What does it mean
I'm not sure
What's it for

Is it good
Is it nice
Is it fine
Is it right

What's it for
What does it mean to me
I'm not sure
Is it good
Is it right
Is it fine
Is it mine

I can't sing.
Track Name: To Brian For Brian
Truth for all
Why change
Why feign
Who you are

Your fingertips

Why don't you
Ask me
Who you are

You are my life
Your heart can feel so low
Your heart can feel solo
Who do you think you are

Eight-five channels

Ask me who you are
Take the things that make you feel you need
When you're face down in my life
Do you believe
When you're face down in my time

You've seen debris
Your alcohol
The things you need
Because all in all
The people say
It's easy to break away
From what is old and now is new
It's not who's working
It's just who's walking away
Track Name: Callus
I know I'm your favourite
It's not right
I am sedated

Your head-space wide open
It's not right
Don't complicate it

You're not the only one
There's many like you
I'm not my only friend
I have so many

I'm not the only one